Foto: Steirisches Heimatwerk/Lupi Spuma
Foto: Steirisches Heimatwerk/Lupi Spuma

Styrian Heimatwerk

Customised traditional costume & high-quality handicraft are our passion!

The Styrian Heimatwerk was the first of its kind in Austria and a role-mode for later founding of Heimatwerks in further counties. Customised Dirndl from the in-house tailors, high-class Styrian Suits and regional handicrafts are today the core competencies of this Styrian Traditions enterprise. The extensive collection ranges from children’s to wedding Dirndl, from the Lederhosen to the Old Styrian Suit, and from house carvings to hand-painted glass. Based on the company philosophy, which focusses on passed-down handicraft art, regional added value and the continuation of specific handicraft skills, the Styrian Heimatwerk offers high-quality, regional created products. Thanks to an openness for modern-day interpretations and an innovative approach to handed-down elements, this historical enterprise remains fully alive.

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