Salzburger Heimatwerk

Tradition in beautiful perfection!

The ‘Salzburger Heimatwerk’ is located in the heart of Salzburg. It is known and loved by many folks, not only locals. Handcrafts, traditional clothing, fabrics and passed down native customs find their place in this shop. A number of people visiting Salzburg wouldn’t dare leaving again without having the slightest glance into the Heimatwerk. So if you want to get the full traditional experience come visit us!

Unique and innovative - the ‘Dirndl-configurator’! It is a tool invented by the ‘Heimatwerk Salzburg’. With a few simple and easy steps you can design your own ‘Dirndl’. A huge variety of colourful fabrics awaits you and your creativity. Finished choosing your fabric? Simply order it online and have it delivered. If you are not that into sewing we are happy to sew it for you in off the rack sizes.

Our online shop provides a great collection of female, male and Kids clothing with suitable accessories. Additionally we sell all sorts of household fabrics like tablecloths or even embroidered bits and pieces. Just click yourself through our pages and you will find what you love.



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Salzburger Advent Concert

The Salzburger Advent Concert is a huge event organised by the ‘Heimatwerk Salzburg’. It is definitely always a highlight and has existed for the past 70 years. Around 36.000 guests come to see it every year. Once you have seen the concert we are sure you would like to attend it again.
Our Tipp: Book your tickets early – they are always sold out quickly!

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