A Warm Welcome

to the Austrian Heimatwerks!

Tradition with a future
The Heimatwerks in the county states are pleasant mirror images of regional culture. The wide range of stylish traditional clothing, fine fabrics, handmade gift ideas, unique home interiors and many other beautiful things are all loved by both locals and guests alike.

Handicraft with passion
Some Heimatwerks are also popular and sought after for their excellent tailors. Here, hand-crafted, masterly and beautiful traditional clothing is made with love and passion.

Competence by enthusiasm
The Heimatwerks also however define important cultural impulses. They represent a lively, creative renewal of traditional costumes using the appropriate expertise and give valuable impulses for a contemporary traditional culture. Heimatwerk conveys zest for life and regional values

A history rich in tradition
The idea of the Heimatwerk has a long and interesting history. Curious parties can get interesting insights into the development of the Heimatwerk movement, whose dedication is today an expressive and extremely individual reflection of a Europe of regions.


Residenzplatz 9
A-5010 Salzburg


Board of Trustees of Austrian Heimatwerk
Association of Heimatwerks in the Austrian County States
ZVR: 099385640

President: Hans Köhl

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