Board of Trustees of Austrian Heimatwerk

Together for costume, handicraft and tradition

The Heimatwerks in the counties are stand-alone organisations. The umbrella organisation, the non-profit "Board of Trustees of Austrian Heimatwerk” which was founded in 1952, serves as an exchange of interests between the individual Heimatwerks and for the protection of the common trademark of "Heimatwerk". The Board of Trustees develops projects for the implementation of common non-commercial, cultural and socio-political objectives. These include promoting and supporting folk culture and everyday cultural statements, with particular attention on material and immaterial goods.

Active Europe-wide

The Board of Trustees of Austrian Heimatwerk is a member of the Association of European Heimatwerks, which was founded in 1972. This operates as a network of Heimatwerk similar institutions throughout Europe and provides a platform for mutual exchange.

“Many have tradition. Ours has a future”

- unknown author -

Members of the Board of Trustees

Upper Austria Heimatwerk Costume, Tradition & Customs GmbH, FN: 295512b,
Represented by: Dr Gerald Aichhorn

Salzburger Heimatwerk EC, FN: 51037f,
Represented by: Hans Köhl and Stefan Sperr

Tyrolean Heimatwerk reg. Gen.m.b.H., FN: 39906k,
Represented by: Mag. Daniela Wagneder and Josef Heidegger

Volkskultur Steiermark GmbH, FN: 308362z,
Represented by: Dr Monika Primate and Mag. Evelyn Kometter

Vorarlberg Heimatwerk, ZVR: 244194323,
Represented by: Marianne Selb-Faber and Hubert Ortner

The Board of Directors

Hans Köhl
Managing Director of Salzburger Heimatwerk eG

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Monika Primas
Managing Director Volkskultur Steiermark GmbH


Mag. Daniela Wagneder
Managing Director Tiroler Heimatwerk. Reg.Gen.m.b.H

Authorised Signatory
Stefan Sperr
Managing Director of Salzburger Heimatwerk eG

Auditor General
Mag. Evelyn Kometter
Head of Styrian Heimatwerk, Authorised Officer

Auditor General
Marianne Selb-Faber
Managing Director Vorarlberger Heimatwerk eG

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